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As featured in "Take a breaks- fate and fortune" as psychic under the spotlight, and a regular contributor as "Psychic Sue" to Pirate FM's Breakfast show.

Face to face bookings being taken now for Sat 17th May 2014 - London.

You are reading this, perhaps currently single and looking for love,you have been single for a while, and want to know if and when love will come into your life. Let me show you your future, and the future opportunities that could come your way.

Perhaps you are in an unhappy relationship desperately looking for direction, not knowing which way to turn.

Perhaps you are self employed and finding that your business is stuck in a rut, and you are not sure which direction to go in.

Perhaps you are in a dead end job, feeling bored and complacent, feeling frustrated. and you want to do something else in life but you are unsure what to do.

You see, when we are driven by fear we are blinded. And this is where my psychic ability can light the way for you, help you get clarity and find your direction in life.

My name is Sue Clarke and I am a 3rd generation psychic. I am a hereditary clairvoyant which means I have inherited the gift.  My mother and grandmother were also born with the gift but I am the first in our family to work with the it professionally.

I have been psychic all of my life, but it was not until the age of 8 when my gift became apparent in a series of dreams and visions. 

If you've never visited a psychic before and you're worried about  how the reading is conducted, or what you may discover let me put your mind at rest.  Psychics have evolved from the gypsy fortune tellers of the past.
We are the lightworkers of the future.

I will not tell you anything bad during your reading.  I am here to help you, and work with high ethics and good intention.

When I conduct your reading, I will firstly still my mind and gain a psychic connection with you.   Then I will begin the reading with what they call a "general reading" where I will look at you and your life, in all areas. During this time we will both have an indication as to whether or not I have connected to you, and the first indication of the reason why you are wanting a reading should be revealed.

After this general reading I will then ask you how I can help you, and for the remainder of the reading I will present to you information, and ideas that should help you forwards, out of the present state of confusion and restriction.

I will try not to ask you questions, but there may be times when I will receive some information psychically that I need you to take ownership off, then I may ask you to confirm this piece of information.

I may come out with names,dates and details only you will know, and at times this can be surprising, but this is all part of the psychic experience.

I use, as a tool during the reading, the tarot cards, as I have mentioned before I am a natural psychic, and only use these cards as a trigger to my gift only.

But perhaps you're wondering can I really help you? well here's what just a few of my client have to say about my services:-

"Dear Sue,  Thank you so much for your amazing psychic reading. Wow. You  just seem to know and understand as if you can read mine/ his mind...
And your analysis is so profound and in depth . I am just speechless... I am so happy my life path crossed with yours." Email Reading (N, 16th April 14) 

"Sue, you are truly skilled. I did shed a tear over N last night and early this morning but you were amazing and very diplomatic and kind. I was stunned by your knowledge and you gave me some good advice about work. Thank you immensely for your time".  K x 5th April 14 (Email Reading)

"Great reading again Sue, thank you, yet again the details you gave me were scarily accurate watch this space lol thank you xx" S - Bude,Cornwall,UK 31st Jan 2014 (Face to face)

" I just wanted to thank you for your reading that you did for me the last time I saw you ..must be 4 yrs ago now. You were so said I was thinking of going into business with a lot of opposition from K....and you said I should go for it...well I did 3 yrs ago and it's very successful and also said You could see me working with charity animals and we are now talking to the various charities to start to work with them housing their strays....thank you so much and you were so right in what you said in the reading.." J -Wiltshire, UK 27th Jan 2014 (face to face reading)

I can tune into someone, look at what is going on in their life, and how they perceive you. I am a natural psychic.
I have featured in the media, two top magazines "Take a Break Fate and Fortune" and "Spirit and Destiny". I have had my own radio show on Glastonbury Radio, which was sponsored by top astrologer Russell Grant. I have also worked for top celebrity astrologer Michele Knight.
I have worked for 20 years as a psychic, there is nothing I have not read about. I do not judge when I read, I am only here to help.
My readings come to you in a way to suit you. Perhaps you would like to see me for a face to face psychic reading,if so I read from Bude, Cornwall daily, or via a psychic telephone reading and again I offer this service daily,the telephone reading can be via landline or as a free call via skype. For more details on my these readings, look at the readings tabs on the right. Decide what would be best for you. If you book a telephone reading I can read for you today. 
Your unique guarantee.

Whatever you decide to do, you have my good wishes.

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